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Ok, that show Castle is pretty amusing. If you haven't seen it, Nathan Fillion stars as Rick Castle, a bestselling mystery novelist who uses his fame to finagles his way into shadowing a homicide detective onher cases so that he can base a character on her. Their relationship, sort of half-Moonlighting, half-X-Files, provides a lot of the show's humor and good old fashioned "Will they or won't they?" romantic tension. I wasn't exactly looking for yet another detective show, but I like the way they handle the genre. While the cases are enjoyably macabre, much moreso than CSI, the police work is a lot more realistic, with the cops constantly deflating Castle's pop culture ideas about how the job is done. Of course, that policing is hard work motif is balanced by all of the random convenient knowledge that Castle always happens to have from researching a book or some unlikely contact he's made as a well-known author, which should make me roll my eyes, but actually works here because of how much it annoys the real detectives.

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