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Summer Fun in April

It was Summer in April this weekend, low nineties all weekend, and I spent almost all of it outdoors with a drink in my hand.

Friday night we had some friends (who are sadly moving away) over for pizza and beer in the garden, which was lovely, and ended, as such things often do, with me forcing everyone to watch old episodes of Mr. Show.

Saturday, I met up with my buddy Mike for lunch at the Continental and more drinks across the street at Cuba Libre. Then K. and I went to a really fun wedding at the Philadelphia Zoo. The ceremony was in the tree house and the reception was in the small primate house, which of course means, we got to dance with the monkeys. Sure, there was an inch of plexiglass between us, but when the DJ is playing early Michael Jackson, all the walls come tumbling down. It was quite fun being in the Zoo after closing and K's co-workers were a fun bunch to hang out with.

Then on Sunday, K. and I celebrated her birthday (a few days late) by driving up to Lambertville for Shad Fest. I ate shad-and-shrimp fritters. K. had the blackened shad sandwich. We checked out all the festival stalls, shopped at one of our favorite used book shops and, when the crowd became too much, went for a nice hike along the canal. Then we headed across the river to New Hope where I bought her some presents and we were thrilled to find that the greatest ice cream place, Gerenser's, is back in the homemade exotic ice cream business after being shut down by a two year legal battle. We celebrating their return and K's birth with a couple cones of birthday cake ice cream and then headed home.

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