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more tales of the subway

Now maybe it's just that during the ride I was scribbling notes about how one of the characters in my novel has tapped his family's phone lines, but I've been noticing this woman behaving suspiciously this week.

Each day, as I'm walking up the stairs from the subway, she's standing halfway up the stairs doing nothing, but looking around. Now, this is a heavily used stairwell. When my train pulls in, at least a hundred people try to push their way up these stairs at the same time. It is not the sort of place you would choose to casually hang out unless you have some fetish for being pushed, bumped, and jostled. She's young and wears scrubs, so I'm assuming she's not a dementia patient. She stands just high enough that she's exposed to the rain, but low enough that someone walking on the sidewalk might not notice her behind the little walls surrounded the stairwell. If she was smoking, I would assume she was just trying to get out of the wind, but I haven't seen her light up once.

And so my only assumption is that she's spying on someone. Not me clearly. She has no reaction when I pass by. Judging from what I approximate her line of sight to be, she's looking for someone who might be walking south down 34th street. Is there a cheating husband to keep an eye on? Or is she trying to arrange a seemingly accidental meeting with someone? What is her story?

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