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Battlestar Galactica finale (SPOILERS)

So did anyone else get a distinct Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy vibe to the final episode? A spaceship carrying the survivors of a doomed race across the stars where they land on prehistoric Earth to start our human race? And to hammer it home, they even put a guy in a bathtub on the bridge of the ship! I fully expected it to end with Baltar complaining to Head Six about his frustrations teaching the Cavemen to play Scrabble: "The only word they know is 'grunt' and they can't frakking spell it!"

Still, it was compelling, epic-feeling, sad, and acted so much better than it was written. Just as a BSG finale should be. The whole rescue of Hera scenario seemed way too easy, but that definitely beats making it drag on any longer than it did. And well, they did have God on their side (not that he likes it when you call him that).

I was troubled by the anti-science, back-to-nature tone of the ending. "Aw, come on, who needs interstellar spaceships and modern medicine! We're all gonna be farmers now! Whether you like it or not!" It's too bad they didn't show Adama forcing that decision on the other 39,000 colonists with a line of gun-pointing marines behind him. It's fascist agrarianism.

Why do the BSG writers hate cities so much? I suppose the answer to that is in the flashbacks to their lives before the invasion. If we rebuild cities, there were will be hot dudes sleeping with their hot brothers' hot girlfriends, dementia patients put in assisted living facilities, old men at strip clubs, and teachers going on dates with their middle-aged former students! Anarchy! Bring on the robotic punishment!!!

At least Starbuck Beeblebrox got to fly off into space to (hopefully) find out who really runs the Universe.

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