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18 March 2009 @ 09:03 am
Twilight (no spoilers)  
K. and I watched Twilight last night and it was hugely better than I expected. I guess I figured I was in for the typical slick, pop-song-filled, popcorn melodrama full of pretty kids who can't act. I'm happy to say I was way off. This was more like a little arthouse film with occasional special effects. Director Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown) and her usual cinematographer Elliot Davis made just about every velvety-textured shot look gorgeous. The acting ranged from good to fine. The script mostly worked for me, although there were a few moments that only made sense to me in a "well, the writers clearly want these character to be over here now" sort of way. And the music by the prolific Carter Burwell seemed perfect at least 90% of the time.

I'd say that I'm definitely looking forward to the next film in the series (there will be werewolves!), but sadly Hardwicke won't be directing it. Not that I have anything against Twilight 2 director Chris Weitz, but I don't expect the same visual sumptuousness from him.

Listening to: Elvis Costello - "Oliver's Army"
The Mud Puppymudpuppy83 on March 18th, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
Speaking of visually sumptious, I suddenly find myself more interested in skiing than I have ever been before in my life...

As for Twilight, it's rather sad how much I'm anticipating owning it this Saturday. On the one hand, it's still a bad film--but on the other it's a very good film.

At the very least it manages to be what every adaptation of a book should be. It stays true to the original story, but also improves it greatly. Once I get my copy I intend to examine the ways it improves on the book in full detail on my journal.

One of those ways, though, is in the bad vampires. In the book, they're briefly hinted at, maybe 200 pages in. They don't even actually show up until maybe all of 70 pages before the end of the book, and they're dealt with--"off screen"--maybe all of 50 pages after they first show up. And, unlike in the film, they never kill anyone.