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TCB on Pi Day

Saturday was super productive for me. I finally renewed my driver's license which expired back in 2006 (easier than I expected!). I replaced my cell phone which I lost over a month ago (the new one's got a camera!). I opened a new checking account at a bank that's convenient to where I currently live and work as opposed to where I was ten years ago. And I got to work organizing my notes on an as yet untouched portion of my novel.

And then Sunday morning, K. and I went to the Italian Market to buy ingredients for our homemade chicken pot pies, figuring we'd get one more good hearty winter's meal in before Spring is officially upon us. And then I went off to play D&D and she to a baby shower where she was able to secure the final ingredient for the pot pies as the party favors where mini bottles of white wine.

Tags: best of 2009, fitter happier more productive, food, writing

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