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Watchmen (no spoilers)

Saw Zack Snyder's Watchmen Saturday and thought it was pretty good. The acting was great. I love Patrick Wilson and he rendered Dan (Nite Owl) just about perfectly. His Little Children co-star Jackie Earle Haley also did extremely well with Rorschach, although his acting was obviously a lot better without the mask than with it and I wish his narration voice sounded a bit less monotonous. Billy Crudup breathed just the right amount of life into Dr. Manhattan to convey his central paradigm. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan gave a lot more depth to The Comedian that I ever felt from the comic.

The classic rock soundtrack seemed appropriate for both the time span covered and the mostly-guys-in-their-30s audience. The writing is pretty much straight out of the comic (as if the visual look of the film). My only big concern with it really was that the pacing felt a bit off, storylines appearing and disappearing a bit too randomly to generate the required momentum. Maybe I'll feel differently upon a second viewing, where I'll be able to watch it more as a standalone film than as an adaptation of a beloved comic book.

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