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hair and models

Well, K. figured since I cut off all my hair, she might as well get that pixie cut she's had her eye on. It looks quite cute and she's thrilled with it.

In other fashion news, Next Top Model started last night and was quite entertaining. My out of the gate favorite is Fo. With her freckles and her upbeat personality she's just so darn cute. And I kind of like creepy doll girl Allison even though I suspect at least 50% of her strangeness is just an act she puts on to seem more interesting. I was disappointed that they cut Isabella (who was fun), in favor of Sandra (who isn't), but I guess it was just too much to hope that they'd cut both Andrelea and Sandra in the same night, what with their need to have at least one irrationally aggressive contestant. Apparently they're all getting their hair chopped off next episode. Tears seem inevitable.

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