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I'm currently on the seven-day free trial for Slacker.com. I'm still in the process of transferring my ratings over from Launchcast, so it's a little claustrophobic there still, but I'm really enjoying it. The quality is good, the catalog of music is awesome, and the song selection algorithm blissfully uncomplicated to the Byzantine one Yahoo was using. And even though having to re-rate my 10,000 favorite songs on a new interface takes forever, I'm kind of enjoying it in a meditative, something to do while I'm not really paying attention to the television sort of way.

My playlist so far this morning: Poi Dog Pondering into Love & Rockets into The Magic Numbers into Tahiti 80 into Rhett Miller into Saint Etienne into Heavenly into Sondre Lerche

Tags: best of 2009, music, stockings, the internet

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