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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Sunday, we went to see the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the Riverview. I'm not sure if this story made national headlines, but on Christmas day, this guy was watching the same movie at that theater and became annoyed by this father and son chatting away during the film. When they ignored his requests to shut up, he pulled out a gun and shot the father in the arm. And then--and this is the best part--he sat back down and watched the rest of the film, which gave the police plenty of time to show up and arrest him. Classic Philadelphia. There was no talking during our showing, but I was half-convinced that I found a seat with a blood stain on it.

Anyway, very good movie, but a little shy of great. I quite enjoyed the episodic telling of Button's life and the little diversions such as the train station clock. I was less enamored of the story's framing device, which failed to connect with me as emotionally as it should have. I can kind of see what Fincher was trying to do, but I think it was a mistake to wrap such a cold, realistic frame around such a rich, passionate story. Brad Pitt did well (although not necessarily Best Actor well) and the CGI'ing of him was thankfully less distracting that I had feared it would be. And Cate Blanchett gave usual high quality, though slightly too reserved performance. The real highlight for me was Taraji Henson, who was so awesome as Don Cheadle's girlfriend in Talk To Me and did a phenomenal job here as Button's mother. She just completely pulls me into any scene she's in.

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