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And that pretty much wraps it up for 2008...

I hadn't really planned any sort of end of the year post until I noticed the date I was typing in for today's photo, so this post might be a little jumbled.

What happened to me this year? Well, pretty early on I doubled the number of foreign countries I've been to by visiting Iceland and Holland. That was pretty damn cool. On that trip I got to swim outside in a snowstorm, wreck an SUV, and legally partake in a variety of lovely drugs. Oh, and in the fall I jumped out of an airplane, which was a terrific experience, and something I definitely want to do again.

I did my annual film festival. I planted seeds in egg cartons that grew up into great big sunflowers and cosmos in our garden (and actually survived long after after I stopped caring for them at the end of the summer). In the kitchen, I started to experiment seriously with baking: cupcakes, cookies, empanadas. And I made a half-decent effort to walk to and from work during the spring and summer, but quit when it started getting just a little too hot and a little too far, which I regret. On the other hand, K. and I took many, many wonderful hikes through the Wissahickon Valley, which is now one of our favorite places.

On the nerd front, I started playing Dungeons and Dragons again, which I've now been playing on and (mostly) off for over thirty years. It's a really great group and our sessions are more like comedy improv than robotic dice-rolling. Someday I'll bore you all with a few of our adventures. I also got to revisit two former addictions briefly for free (World of Warcraft and City of Heroes), and was happy to find that a visit was all I needed. Oh, and I've been mainlining Battlestar Galactica over the past couple weeks. Watched the ker-a-zy season two finale last night.

I actually got some good work done on my novel, but got lazy during early fall and haven't managed to reignite the fuse yet. I still want to write it. I just have to figure out how to make myself do the work.

For next year, my plans are to develop something like discipline with the writing and to buy a bicycle and start biking to and from work. And maybe, just maybe, I'll go to India for a while. Who knows, right?

Anyways, happy new year, everybody!

Coming soon: the voting for Best of 2008!

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