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Christmas is so close you can taste it in the back of your throat....

So, right now I'm eating some delicious raspberry kringle (from Swiss Colony) that somebody brought in and trying to get my work as caught up as I can before the holiday break. Christmas shopping is almost done now and it's looking like this is my last day in the office for the whole week. Originally, we were only going to close for Christmas day, but after fighting the big boss the 26th off, our other boss (who still has a lot of shopping to do) has decided she's closing the office for Christmas Eve as well, even if we all have to use vacation time. That means I'll have time to leisurely wrap presents, cook up some goodies for a couple social events, and even watch some more Battlestar (I'm a few episodes into season two).

Tags: best of 2008, gloves, holidays, stockings, work

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