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last weekend before c-day....

Saw The Day The Earth Stood Still Saturday. So bad. Never have I routed so hard for the destruction of the human race, nor felt so cheated when they inevitably survived. It actually would have been okay with me if Klaatu had saved Don Draper, Jennifer Connelly, and Will Smith's kid, but only if he wiped out everybody else like he was supposed to.

Then instead of finishing my Christmas shopping, I came home, watched a ton of Battlestar Galactica and cooked up some fried chicken and mashed sweet potatoes.

K. and I spent most of Sunday watching old Christmas specials and decorating the tree. That was great. Charlie Brown, Year Without a Santa Claus, Frosty, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, T'was the Night Before Christmas, even some crazy ones from Pee Wee Herman and Space Ghost. Then I sauteed up a bunch of wild mushrooms and threw them on top of some pizza dough with some shredded fontina cheese for dinner.

Tags: barefoot, film, food, holidays

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