Diary of an Ass Monkey (assmonkeydiary) wrote,
Diary of an Ass Monkey

Christmas Affairs

Heh... K. gets a little freaked out about Christmas shopping, so she's always saying that we should just not get presents for each other, which I begrudgingly accept since neither of us really wants the house full of stuff we don't need. Still, it's nice to get at least a stocking! So when she was going on about it during our walk in the Wissahickon last weekend, I said "That's okay. I'll just get another girlfriend for exchanging presents with. She'll be Present Girlfriend." We joked for the rest of the day about how great Present Girlfriend would be because she'd always be buying me presents. Not like Regular Girlfriend. Now K. is feeling competitive and angling to usurp Present Girlfriend's title by at least getting some stuff for my stocking. Score!

In other, holiday consumerism news, I took today off to start my shopping, which of course means I'm sitting on the couch, watching Battlestar Galactica. Ew! Cylon ships are alive!!!

Tags: bettie page, jungle girls, television, wayback wednesdays

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