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Beowulf (definite spoilers)

Watched that animated Beowulf last night. It was written by former rock star of the comic book world Neil Gaiman, who seems to have about a dozen projects going on in Hollywood right now, and screenwriter Roger Avery, whose post Pulp Fiction career has pretty much been the definition of "slump" (although Rules of Attraction was fun). I admire a lot of how they manipulated the story of the epic poem: humanizing the characters (even the monsters), linking the monsters to King Hrothgar and Beowulf (especially the problematic third monster, which felt like an unnecessary sequel in the poem), and generally blurring the lines about who the bad guys really are. I'm a little skeptical of their intentions with the naked seductress treatment of Grendel's mother, but can't complain too much since that was pretty much the lynchpin for their whole handling of the story.

As with most projects he's in, Crispin Glover was the best part. His mastery at making his own personal creepiness hugely sympathetic is just about the only acting that crawls its way past the shiny CGI of the film. It's too bad we didn't get to spend more time with him outside the mead hall. They could have easily stolen a little material from John Gardner's novel about Grendel.

What I really didn't like was just the video game-looking, motion capture animation. I'm still not crazy about this no-man's land between hand-drawn animation and live action, and at my age that's not likely to change. (I do like stuff like Bug's Life and The Incredibles though, because they're reminiscent of the old Rankin-Bass holiday specials.) I probably would preferred the more atmospheric, low budget, live action version the writers originally had in mind before Robert Zemeckis came along with all his money and computers.

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