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Our electronic scale has mysteriously come back to life. I suppose it was just waiting for the cold arrival of comfort food season. Bastard! So, to welcome it back we had pasta and a load of really decadent homemade garlic bread over the weekend.

And last night I came home and made chili. A couple pounds of ground beef, big chunks onion and peppers (red, yellow, and green), about a dozen roughly chopped serranos (seeds and all), a head of garlic, a mess of tomatoes (some diced and some pureed), plenty of good chili powder, a bit of brown sugar, a can of corn, and a few pounds of beans (mostly kidney, some black). This was the first time I've left the veggies in such big chunks, so even after an hour or so on the stove, you really know what's in every spoonful you eat, rather than it all just blending completely together. I think I liked it that way. Pretty darn tasty and colorful enough that it's not bad to look at either. We'll probably eat half of it this week and the rest will go into freezer for emergencies.

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