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the best laid plans of drunks and men

So, I had decided to skip family for Thanksgiving this year. Afterall, why waste a perfectly good day off being stressed out and annoyed? Why give people another opportunity to say stupid shit that's going to still be giving me stomach pains a year after they've forgotten they said it?

So we told my folks I was going with K. to her Dad's and we told her family that I was going my family. K. was mainly planning to spend the whole holiday adoring her infant niece anyway, so she didn't really need me to go with her.

But last night K. suffered one of the vertigo spells she sometimes gets and isn't feeling steady enough to drive. So, it looks like I may be driving down to Maryland with her afterall. Or if she's not feeling well enough to even be a passenger, we'll just have a quiet little Thanksgiving here in the city.

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