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Mystic hermits, unexpected furniture, and pork empanadas

Yesterday, K. and I took advantage of the unseasonably warm day to take another of our semi-weekly hikes in the Wisshickon Valley. This time around we were determined to find The Hermit's Cave, where the Rosicrucian alchemist and composer Johannes Kelpius went to live in seclusion, awaiting the end of the world that he believed would come in 1694. It's a pretty cool spot. It's actually man-made, rather than a natural cave and is still nicely kept up, presumably by the local chapter of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. There were fresh flowers and herbs on the altar. According to some legends, Kelpius was in possession of the legendary Philosopher's Stone.

At the far end of our hike, we ended up in Manayunk by a cool local furniture place that was having a clearance sale on some great pieces. So we bought a few cool looking green end tables, then hiked back to get the car to pick them up.

Then we got home and I made some really yummy Curried Pork and Shitake Empanadas, which we ate while watching John From Cincinnati. Didn't get around to making cookies or cake yet, but I think I'll bake some cookies tonight when I cook up the rest of the empanadas.

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