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politics and paint

So, we're getting the front trim on our house painted and one of our neighbors commented to the painter that he thought the colors were ugly, then, pointing to the sign in our window, added "Ahhh.. what do you expect! They're voting for Obama!" To which another neighbor responded "Bah! They're from Center City!" So funny.

Actually, we were a little freaked out by the colors too. The plan was light green and dark green, but the finished product looked more like light green and shamrock green. So, now we're not only those damn liberals from Center City, we'll be those damned Irish too (there's a strong Italian-Irish rivalry in South Philly). Oh, I almost forgot they're also mad because we have a tree in front of our house!

My polling place was as empty as I've ever seen it, no line at all. I've had short waits even for mid-term elections there, so this was weird. I wonder if my all too conservative neighbors are staying home? My buddy Scott on the other hand called me from West Philly to let me know he'd been waiting in line to vote for an hour and was expecting to wait another half hour. Go Scott!

Oh yeah, in Cape Cod, I saw this handpainted sign by the side of the road that said "God won't bless America if Obama is elected!" I really should have gotten a picture of it. Or made my own sign that read "I am only concerned about the actual ramifications of my vote, not the imaginary ones."

Can't wait to see how it all turns out. I'll be watching the results come in from in front of the big screen tv in the South Philly Taproom. Don't forget to vote!

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