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bad skies

Ugh... what a nasty game of baseball that was. At work yesterday I was jealous of my co-worker who was going to the game, but after watching it, I feel sorry for her. Sitting through all that cold, unrelenting rain and without any kind of conclusion. And the players! They must be miserable sitting around waiting for the weather to break, trying to keep up their energy, worrying that they got sick last night, knowing that if they'd played the same game last year, the World Series would now be over. Not that a rain win would have been completely satisfying, but still, it's hard not to think about.

Anyway, I guess they'll play the last three innings eventually, although the weather report is not optimistic for today, and the Phillies will most likely win it. And even if they don't, they still have two more games to score a series-clenching win in Tampa.

Tags: barefoot, haberdashery, phils, sports, weather

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