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Dead Milkmen and Thriving Phillies

What a great weekend. Two fantastic Phillies wins! Yes, I am an overnight, instant baseball fan, just add world series. I've even gone from being mildly pissed off about the late night celebratory horn honking and amateur firework to wanting to go out and join in the fun. Love, love, love Ryan Howard! And, man, with Cole Hamels pitching tonight, it's going to be such a great game! I'll catch up on Gossip Girl later.

But of course, there was a great big Dead Milkmen-sized hole in the middle of Saturday night's game for me. Fortunately, the show was at Johnny Brenda's so we could watch the game right up until they went on and get back to it after the second encore ended.

Such a great show! I had a total blast! Spent the whole show in the mosh pit, getting banged around with kids that were in diapers the last time I saw the Milkmen play, but it was a really fun mosh pit. And dare I say, I pogo'd higher than anyone? Yes, I dare. There was only one moment when I was in danger. A crowd tsunami had knocked me backwards into to an empty spot of nice hard floor, but just as I was about to hit the ground, this girl who was less than half my weight heroically jumped in, grabbed my arm and in a feat that defied my limited understanding of physics, completely reversed my momentum and got me back on my feet. I think she might have had superpowers or perhaps judo training.

My glasses got knocked off like five times, a couple just from dancing around with a sweaty head, and the rest from crowd surfers and stage divers. Ironically (or perhaps karmically given this here blog) the biggest hit my glasses took came from a falling young lady's butt that appeared seemingly from nowhere to land right in my face. Fortunately, I was able to get her to the ground safely and save my now butt-shaped glasses from getting trampled. Again, such a fun pit. My adrenalin was totally pumping. It was like a beautiful, dynamic, cleansing, baptism in the sweat of others.

The band sounded so great, rocking just as hard as I remember. Lead singer Rodney Anonymous looks a little like a plumber now (except with little devil horns), but sings with that same awesome, exhuberent voice I remembered. Joe Jack Talcum (who sings Punk Rock Girl) still looks just about like a teenager, right down to a great 80s alternative haircut. Dean Clean still drummed like a madman and the bass player who took over for Dave Blood was quite good as well.

Rodney said they do a reunion show every four years to endorse a presidential candidate. The last two times it was Nader, this year Obama. There was quite a bit of hysterically funny commentary on the subject of a certain Alaskan governor.

Songs played (that I can remember at the moment) include (in no particular order): Veterans of a Fucked-Up World, Big Lizard in My Back Yard, Right Wing Pigeons from Outer Space, Stuart, Punk Rock Girl, Swordfish, I Walk the Thinnest Line, Filet of Soul, Tiny Town, Beach Party Vietnam, Ask Me to Dance, Methodist Coloring Book, Born to Love Volcanoes, the Beach Song, Two Feet Off the Ground, and just a bit of Bitching Camaro.

Tags: action, best of 2008, in need of a bath, music, phils, politics, south philly, sports

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