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Caught a showing a Mike Leigh's new film Happy-Go-Lucky last weekend and thought it was great. Sally Hawkins plays Poppy, a relentlessly upbeat, consistently positive-thinking single woman living with her lifelong best friend in London. For Poppy, every moment is a new chance to be surprised and every person she meets worth really listening to. But she's not just a Pollyanna. She's crass, fun, frantic, impulsive, and always on the verge of laughing a little too much. And since this is a Mike Leigh film, the world Poppy inhabits is no softly-lit, magical realism, happy-endings-for-everyone sort of place. It's dark and gritty enough even to challenge Poppy's seemingly indefatigable cheerfulness. While it's definitely got stories to tell, the movie's ultimately about Poppy's unstated, but always expressed philosophy, and if you're lucky, a little of it might rub off on you.

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