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The Sheltering Sky

Watched The Sheltering Sky last night. Pretty intense film. John Malkovich and Debra Winger star as a couple of writers from New York City who are traveling through Morocco, trying (to some degree) to reconnect after a decade of unconventional marriage. As their journey takes them farther and farther from the relative civilization of Tangier into the increasingly alien desert culture, events in their life turn bleaker and bleaker, although definitely less dark than the novel it's based on. It's not a happy film, but it is a deeply philosophical and beautiful one. Director Bernardo Bertolucci spotlights the various cultures like an anthropologist, lovingly explores every inch of the amazing architecture, and captures some of the most gorgeous shots ever of the Sahara and its surroundings. Paul Bowles, who wrote the novel (and lived at least a little of it), actually appears in the film and does a little light narrating.

Tags: barefoot, best of 2008, bound, film
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