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double the victory, half the sleep!

So you want to know what happens in South Philly when the Phillies win the pennant? They spend all night drunkenly screaming, honking car horns, blaring music, setting off fireworks, and firing guns into the air, which in turn adds helicopters and sirens to the mix. Woo hoo! Take that, good night's sleep!

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that they won, but I was more excited about Obama beating McCain in another debate. Man, how much speed did they pump into McCain last night? He was so twitchy and jittery and my, god, the blinking! It was hard to look at him.

And sorry Joe the Plumber, but I could care less about some millionaire being a crybaby about having to pay his taxes.

Oh, and since I forgot to do Wayback Wednesday yesterday, you get it today....

Tags: action, phils, politics, south philly, sports, stockings, wayback wednesdays
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