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Well you already know what I did on Sunday.

On Saturday, I saw Religulous, the new smartass documentary by Bill Maher and Larry Charles that points out some of the wackier examples of religious beliefs and practices. For the most part I loved it. It was fun and frightening and Maher can be very engaging.

The only big criticism I have is that they should have just stuck with Christianity. That's where all their A material was. Jesusland and the Creationism Museum were priceless, but when they strayed into Islam it felt strained and tacked on. You could tell Bill didn't really know much about Islam, so the best he could do was make fun of it from the standpoint of an uninformed observer.

And they totally fumbled making fun of Scientology, which should have been the easiest target of the bunch. I kept wishing that instead of doing a movie, they did it as a television series, where they could focus more on specific aspects of on religions, rather than trying to cover everything with one swipe. Still, I enjoyed it and if it sounds like something you'd enjoy, you almost certainly will.

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