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Chuck, Heroes, Life (slight spoilers)

Early fall means back to back TV posts.

Last night, Gossip Girl was in repeats, so I got to watch Chuck, which is definitely fun enough to be my GG backup, but not quite irresistible enough to make me track it down online.

Heroes was cute with the future stuff, especially Sylar as sweet stay-at-home dad. Even evil future Claire was sadly too adorable to be convincingly badass. At best, she looked like she was going through a mildly rebellious faze and cutting algebra class in order to make a McDonalds run. I'm glad Ando and Hiro are working things out. And for god's sake, writers, if you can't think of a storyline for Parkman, just leave him out of it for a while and make him come back later!

Life was once again excellent. I'm constantly surprised at how well that show makes me care about the incidental characters in their crime-of-the-week, something most detective shows utterly fail to do. My only concern: what has happened to Charlie's Zen Buddhism? We've barely seen it this season. Did someone in the network think it was (in some ridiculous way) controversial?

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