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the season premiere of "Life" (and some spoiler-y comments about "Heroes" in the comments)

My favorite detective show Life got off to a good start last night. An interesting serial killer storyline in the forefront and the big ongoing mystery riding shotgun. Charlie Crews isn't quite where we left him at the end of season one. Back then he was at the top of a slowly building manic tempest of craziness and desperation. He's calmed back down now, which is good, because it'll be fun to see that build slowly back up. Especially since Damian Lewis handles that transition so well.

Sarah Shahi and Alan Arkin are back in excellent form as Charlie's very different partners. I'll miss seeing Robin Weigert (Deadwood) if she's truly gone, but I think her replacement as Charlie's boss Donal Logue is probably a good fit. The show, in my opinion, wrestles with the same struggle between light and dark that's going on inside Charlie. Weigert's sad, conflicted character just added to the considerable darkness, wheras Logue's adds to the fun, punching a few more holes in the darkness.

And speaking of the fun, here's a triptych of Sarah Shahi herself...

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