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the nicest weekend weather in recent memory

Saturday we met up with some friends at the Clark Park Festival where we played some frisbee, laid around in the grass, played with the smartest four-year-old I know (dude will read any writing you put in front of him and make sense of the meaning), and listened to my friend Jim's band, Dr. Ketchup, who were awesome, especially since they played the full length, full on funk version of the "Sanford and Son" theme. Then we went home and binged on Degrassi and Mad Men episodes.

Sunday, we had to go to my parents' house for lunch, which was blissfully quick and uneventful. It was such a nice day that we figured we had to stay outdoors, so we headed out for a hike Wissahickon Creek, which was absolutely lovely. Then we got some fancy (but pricey) prepared food at Whole Foods and headed home to watch the first two episodes of True Blood, the new vampire series by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under). So far so good, but I'm saving my review until I see where it's going.

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