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As much as I love trashy teen melodramas, I'm very close to giving up on the new 90210. The stories have been too safe and predictable so far. Mostly because the writers seem like they're terrified to have any of the characters dislike each for longer than an episode or two. Or over anything more meaningful than a misunderstanding. Even the original series felt more dangerous and real than this one's shaping up to be and that's really saying something.

I did get a bit of a twitter when Kelly and Brenda finally revealed who the father of Kelly's kid is (after playing the vague he/him game for way too long), but now that I've got closure on that, there's only one thing keeping me watching: Lucille Bluth.

Yes, Jessica Walter who played the mother/grandmother on Arrested Development is on 90210 and she is of course fabulous. She plays an aging Hollywood star who is forever shocking her family with tales of her past sexual adventures. Unfortunately, she's not in every episode (big mistake), but she had a good part in last night's episode when she took over the school play and had to show the girls how to properly perform the big musical number.

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