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Outer Banks, part two

Just made a batch of waffles that came out quite delicious even though I had to guestimate the ingredient measurements. K downed her waffle, then zoomed off to a yoga class she found on the island. Vacation is going pretty darn well so far. Lots of reading on the beach, diving into some seriously powerful waves, eating way too much, and drinking in the afternoons.

I finished reading Little Children, which was excellent. It's funny though because I thought reading the novel would reveal more of what happened at the end than the film did when in fact it revealed far less.

K's family has been better than we feared. K's madly in love with her sister's baby and that's bringing them closer. And I really enjoy her sister and her husband. K's dad still hasn't figured out that his daughters take it to heart when he jokingly antagonizes them. And her cousin's wife thinks she's being helpful when she makes comments about how she thought K. looked better when she was thinner, which is insane since K. is super fit and the only time she was skinnier than now was during a massively traumatic time in her life.

Other than that, it's been playing Civilization on the DS, reading Dungeons and Dragons manuals, and playing Rock Band. I do ok on bass, but last night I was really rocking the microphone, never scoring less than 91% (admittedly on easy).

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