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Damn you, Google Docs!

So, since I work on my novel from multiple computers (work, home and now the laptop), I've been using Google Docs as my word processor. It's easier for than having to remember to email files back and forth or carrying around a portable drive. And while Google Docs has always been really irritating with its formatting quirks, I was more or less used to it until this weekend when it decided to erase any and all formatting that I had managed to sneak in by transferring files into it from Word (while adding some bizarre other formatting like crazy random line breaks). I don't ask for a lot, just automatic first line indents. Is that so much to ask from an online word processor?

Apparently it is.

So, I spent pretty much all the time I would have spent writing this weekend reformatting all my files and transferring them to Zoho, which has similar formatting limitations (to get my automatic indents, I have to transfer text over from Word), but which seems (so far) to be significantly less irritating and at the least hasn't had a chance to really betray me yet.

Tags: barefoot, damnations, the internet, writing

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