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living it up in the garden

The best, best, bestest thing about getting a laptop: Last night, I got home from work and it was a relatively cool summer night, so I poured a glass of iced tea, cut myself a thick slice of banana nut bread, plugged in the backyard fountain, grabbed the laptop, and sat outside writing until long after the sun went down. There were a few bugs, but fortunately they were slightly more attracted to the rapidly ripening figs than to my ankles. I really haven't spent enough quality time out there this year, especially considering all my flower-growing efforts (still waiting on the sunflowers, but they're close!).

And to make it even better, I finished a key scene that I've been afraid of and which I was fully expecting to put off until much later. I predict I shall be back there again tonight.

Tags: aquatic, best of 2008, writing
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