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changing plans

One of the few bits of wisdom K. and I have discovered over the years is that once plans are made, we should never change them. Someone usually ends up disappointed and that disappointment usually takes the fun out of the new plan.

A few months ago, we got invited to a friend's 40th birthday party up in Cape Cod. We booked a cheap place to stay and took a three day weekend (friday - sunday), figuring we'd spend some time in Provincetown when we weren't at the party. Then K. sends an email to the birthday girl, which gets intercepted by her husband, who says that it's a surprise party and, by the way, how did we hear about it? We finally managed to get in touch with him and tell him that it was his wife who invited us. He says there's actually no party planned on saturday, but that there's going to be a family surprise party sunday night. Well, there's no way we can go to a party up there on sunday night and then drive all the way home where we both have to be at work on monday morning.

So, I'm already feeling like cancelling when I find out there's a birthday party down here for our favorite four-year old (well, pretty much favorite person period). Plus our friend from Japan might even be there!

Then I get a call from the Cape Cod birthday girl who says she's known about the surprise party, so don't worry, but hey! we could probably hang out a bit on saturday after she finishes work.

Now, I know we'd have a good time in Provincetown without the party, but the core reason for going all the way up to freaking Cape Cod is the visit, so why not go up in the fall when it will be less crowded up there and the folks we're visiting will be less busy?

And of course, K., who was organizing the trip, has been out of town and unreachable for almost this entire part of the process, so it's all on me, which means massive anxiety.

But screw it! I'm tempting fate and canceling Cape Cod.

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