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Brideshead Revisited

We saw the new Brideshead Revisited yesterday, without the baggage of having seen the famed mini-series, and found it quite enjoyable. Like Jane Austen's Mansfield Park and Whit Stillman's Metropolitan, it's the story of someone lower class being brought into the posh and decadent world of the very rich only to upset the status quo. The last third definitely dragged a bit, but I suppose that was more or less intentional. I think the climactic moment would have had more impact if the story had stayed in Venice a bit longer than it did. Matthew Goode (who will soon play Ozymandius in Watchmen) was a handsome and capable lead. Ben Whishaw stole the show though as the sybaritic, yet tortured Sebastian. It was great to see him in this role so soon after seeing him in Perfume. Relative newcomer Hayley Atwell was a lovely and compelling as Julia. And, though it seems unnecessary to bother mentioning, Emma Thompson was excellent as the matriarch of the Flyte family.

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