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The Dark Knight

Saw The Dark Knight last night. It was excellent, but I can't quite bring myself to rave about it. I definitely admired how episodic the story was, very much like you were reading the comic book issue by issue. But perhaps there were one or two too many episodes, because it was feeling a little long to me by the end.

Heath Ledger as the Joker was--as everyone has declared--a revelation, although I think the great Gary Oldman did just as amazing of a job. If not better. Christian Bale was trickier for me this time around. Maybe it's because he had to share the screen time with so many other people, but I thought his Batman performance was weaker than in the previous film. His Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, was sensational.

Unfortunately, I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal, whom I love in most films, gave just as weak of a performance as Katie Holmes. Maybe it's just the way they write that character, but I felt very little from her. Aaron Eckhart did his usual competent work as Harvey Dent.

ETA: Oh, if Nestor Carbonell is mayor in the next movie, could we give him less eye makeup? Dude's eyes cannot really look like that.

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