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Charlie Bartlett (small spoilers)

Watched a movie called Charlie Bartlett the other night, just because it has Robert Downey Jr. and a few of the kids from Degrassi: The Next Generation in it. It's about a rich troublemaker who gets kicked out of his fancy private school and has to go to public school. After a handful of the usual not-fitting-in cliches, he comes up with a scheme of selling the sleeping pills, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and ritalin that his multiple psychiatrists prescribe to him, along with a bit of amateur therapy. Of course he becomes the school hero just as the student body needs a hero the most.

Downey Jr. does what he can for the movie as the principal and father to Charlie's love interest, but his storyline tends to get understandably lost under that of the students.

The movie wears its influences on its sleeve. Take one part Rushmore, one part Say Anything, one part Ferris Bueller, add a touch of Harold & Maude, and shake well. Of course, the final result is nowhere near as good as the classics its aiming for, but it's pleasant enough for a random rental.

Tags: action, barefoot, film

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