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Hulk, Tullycraft, Hon Fest, Tullycraft....

A weekend so full it made me late for work on monday.

Saturday morning, I saw The Incredible Hulk. It was better than ok, but just short of good. It was in interesting combination of the comic book and the 1970s television series (even including that show's classic "walking sadly away from the camera" music). Unfortunately, it was just too darn gloomy for my tastes. Having a main character who has to completely control his emotions for fear of doing something terrible is fine, but the whole point of that is to show him failing at it and losing control. And I don't think the movie sufficiently gave us that. It also didn't give us much joy in the Hulk smashing. It had it's moments, but wasn't really any more successful than Ang Lee's attempt.

Saturday evening, K. and I went to see Tullycraft at the Barbary. Such an awesome concert. Too short, but other than that I can't complain. They played an awesome selection of songs, delivered serious fun, and sounded so great. I was so jazzed. The Barbary is a decent place to see a show. I didn't realize just how good their sound system was until I saw them again the next night on a far inferior sound system.

Sunday, K. and I drove down to Baltimore (ahem... Bawlmore) and went to the Hon Festival, a very weird celebration of boufants, beehives, pink hair, old lady sunglasses, crazy housedresses, and calling people "hon." It was pretty funny, very John Waters of course. There were pageants and live music as well as the usual tents and tables selling various fried foods and trinkets.

Then I left K. with her dad and continued down to DC for more Tullycraft. Finding the club wasn't too bad once I recovered from accidentally driving into Virginia (woo hoo! four states and a district in one day!). The first act (and show organizer) was the aptly name Sad Crocodile. How sad was he? He tried to play "Pure" by the Lightning Seeds as a suicidal dirge. The next act was The Sprite, another band I love who I never thought I'd get a chance to see live. They were nothing like I expected. I expected a mellow little duo, but instead they a fairly rocking quintet. The next band, From Bubblegum to Sky was also very different that I would have guessed, a much more aggressive guitar sound than I'm used to from the songs I know by them (none of which they played). They were a little off because their drummer couldn't make it, forcing the lead singer to play drum Phil Collins style. And then there was Tullycraft. Even with a bad sound system, they were still quite good, although I definitely preferred the set list they played in Philly. I also got to hang out a little bit with their lead guitarist Cori who was very, very cool.

I'm really glad I got to see them twice (since I might never get another chance), although, drving home from DC after the show was brutal. Too much driving, too much pogo-ing, and too little sleep had me feeling ultra-weak and a bit spine-damaged.

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