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I canceled my subscription to City of Heroes/City of Villains (again!) today. My account will expire June 25th. Even though my interest in it has waned, I still find myself playing it reflexively whenever I sit down at the computer. And that's pretty damn bad since I'd really like to do some writing at those times. I still have an irritating fear of writing that makes me welcome almost any distraction. So will I start producing chapters at an amazing rate now... or you know... at all? Who knows? But at least I'm blowing up one of the obstacles in my path.

And I'm doing fairly well in my attempt to transition from endomorph to mesomorph, so I might as well try and use some of that focus and energy to accomplish my big goal in life of getting a novel written and published.

Tags: barefoot, best of 2008, coh, fitter happier more productive, writing
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