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I watched last week's premiere of Swingtown last night (it's on thursdays on CBS). Set in the Chicago area in 1976, it follows a straight-laced couple (with two kids) who move from a conservative, backyard barbeque sort of neighborhood into a more affluent part of town that's full of swingers, drugs, and disco. The main couple are played by Jack Davenport (Coupling and Pirates of the Caribbean) and Molly Parker (Deadwood and Twitch City), both apparently playing Americans. Grant Show (Melrose Place) plays the swinging bachelor across the street. So far, I really like it. The music and clothes are great, and that particular corner of the sexual revolution is certainly fertile ground for storytelling opportunities. Part of the story also follows the couple's teenage children, who so far are pretty fair depictions of the 70s kids I grew up with, but I'm not at all sure where their storylines are headed.

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