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heat wave

Day three of our Northeast heat wave. The walk to work wasn't too bad this morning, just upper 80s, but it'll be upper 90s for the trip home, so that could be interesting.

When I got to work, I found a very special gift from my co-worker who just went the England: my very own Sonic Screwdriver. Frankly, I'd probably be playing with it instead of typing this if I didn't need the world's tiniest Phillips head screwdriver in order to get the batteries in. Damn you, Doctor Who!!!

Saturday was hot enough that I didn't feel like leaving the house (even though the Roots and Sharon Jones were playing a festival in town). In the evening, we decided to drag out the air conditioner, went out to the Taproom for some veggie burgers, got water ice, and then watched Darjeeling Limited again.

Yesterday, K. and I got a new air conditioner for the bedroom and moved the old one to the yoga/pilates room. Then we hit the outlet mall for a dose of free air conditioning, some summer clothes, and a Cuisinart Blender/Food Processor. Man, that thing rocks. When we got home, I used it three times just in making some chicken tacos. First, to make a garlic chili paste for the chicken. Then to make some fresh salsa. And again to shred the cheese. I tell you. I'm already starting to wonder how I lived without it. The tacos were very yummy and well worth heating the kitchen up for. While eating, we re-watched Gods and Monsters.

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