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Rilo Kiley concert

Saw Rilo Kiley last night at the Electric Factory. Great show.

The first act was Benji Hughes, a lethargic, bearded man with a lovely voice reminiscent of both Stephin Merritt and Jonathan Richman, but unfortunately none of their songwriting talents. The next act was a folk rock act called Thao with the Get Down Stay Down. I actually dug their music, except that Thao sings in a sort of staccato monotone that didn't do much for me (although her speaking voice is quite pleasant so go figure).

Anyway, Rilo Kiley was terrific. Jenny Lewis was super cute in a short, sparkley, red and gold dress over tight jeans, and bangs so long she had to lean her head back to see the audience. She's funny to watch because she frowns and pouts and sucks in her cheeks like early 70s Bowie. They played most of the best tracks from their last two albums Under The Blacklight and More Adventurous (my favorite of their records), as well as a few older ones.

At one point they gave the audience a choice of three songs. The audience chose "A Better Son/Daughter," which annoyed me because it's not one I particularly enjoy and I felt like they chose it just because it's old and Jenny says "fucking" during the shouty bits (which makes everyone giggle). I had really wanted them to play "Fifteen" because I thought it would sound great live, but yay democracy and all that. Fortunately, lead guitarist Blake Sennett fought for both, so they indulged me by playing it during the encore along with a great performance of "Portions for Foxes."

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