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The Fall (mild spoilers)

Saw a really interesting movie this week called The Fall. It's about a little girl (Catinca Untaru), the daughter of immigrant laborers, recovering in a Californian hospital in the 1920s after breaking her arm. One day she meets a silent movie stuntman (Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies) who has suffered severe spinal damage and may never walk again. They become friends and he starts to tell her an adventure story. We see the story not exactly the way he tells it, but as she sees it in her own vivid imagination.

But there's more going on than the girl realizes. In addition to his injuries, the stuntman has had his heart broken by the lead actress in the film he was making and as he sinks deeper into his depression, their adventure story turns darker and more violent, and his ulterior motives for telling the story begin to come to light.

The adventure story part of the film was shot in twenty-six countries, including some of the most beautiful locations I've ever seen, and each of them filmed so sumptuously. I'd heard about director Tarsem Singh before, mostly people raving about his sense of visual style, but now I really need to see his earlier feature The Cell.

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