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It was a beautiful holiday weekend. Truly the weather could not have been any more perfect.

Friday, I planted my seedlings outside, some in the ground, some in pots, and so far most of them are still alive. I also brought the fountain out and got that running. That evening a houseguest arrived and the three of us ate pizza and guacamole out in the garden.

Saturday I saw Speed Racer a second time, then walked around the city for a while and hit some bars with one of my buddies.

Our houseguest brought us a big bottle of Michigan maple syrup, so on Sunday, I cooked up a batch of banana-nut-chocolate chip waffles. Then K. and I decided out guest needed to experience the magic of the soup dumplings so went back there. Then K. and I watched a movie and went out to the Silk City Diner with friends. I had amazing fried chicken there, thus making Sunday an absolutely perfect food day.

Monday morning, K., houseguest, and I went for a great hike along the Wissahickon Creek, then hooked up with some friends for a Memorial Day barbeque and demonstration of that "Wii Fit" game. And we finished off the busy weekend with some water ice and a reviewing of Casino Royale.

Tags: action, aquatic, best of 2008, fitter happier more productive, food

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