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Pretty good weekend. Re-painted a peeling wall in the living room. Caught up on the current season of Doctor Who (man, when did Felicity Kendall get so old?). I skipped my pilates for a few days and felt a total mood and energy crash as a result. Felt much better once I started up again. Tried to take a walk in Fairmount Park, but there were some humongous regatta going on. Crowds of people and stands selling carnival food are not conducive to my healthy strolling. Plus, one of my feet is now deciding to hurt. Grrrr....

On sunday, we did Dim Sum with a bunch of friends at Dim Sum Garden, which has the worst location in all of Chinatown, stuck under this stinky overpass, right next to where all the Chinatown buses pick people up. Their food however was awesome. Their homemade noodles may have been the best I've ever eaten. We got them with pork, with duck, with seafood, with chicken. Basically, it was bring us noodles and keep them coming. But the best part was the soup dumplings. This was a new thing to all of us (but the reason it was chosen). These babies are dumplings with soup INSIDE. They're incredible. Not only do you get the crazy sensation of biting into a dumpling full of hot soup, but they have so much flavor.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Last weekend I did that thing where you plant seeds in egg cartons and I'm thoroughly amazed that it's actually working. They're growing so fast that I have to check them a couple times a day (PIC).

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