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"And in the darkened underpass, I thought, oh god, my chance has come at last..."

Well, I've done pilates the past four mornings and my core (i.e. stomach muscles) is aching, especially when I cough or laugh. Today was the first day of trying to walk to work and do pilates in the same morning, so I got off to a late start and had to hop the train for the final leg. But the rest of it was against the wind so I feel no guilt about it.

Funny moment: Just as it starts to rain, my ipod starts playing "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" and this gust of wind blows a ton of dust into my eyes, causing them to tear up. Boom! It was like I was suddenly nineteen again, walking around in the rain, crying, listening to the Smiths, obsessing over some unrequited love or another. In fact if my nineteen year old self had seen me, he probably would have thought "Ha! I knew I'd never get over this crush!"

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