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Iron Man

Well, Iron Man was pretty darn great. I'd have to put it in the top five superhero movies of all time. Superhero origin films are always a difficult beast with economic screenwriters seemingly forced to tie the bad guy's origins in with the hero's, but this one handled it very well, I thought. Of course, Robert Downey, Jr. was superb as Tony Stark, even with the difficult task of convincing the audience he was both a nerd and a playboy. Frankly, my only real complaint was that it spent a bit longer in Afghanistan than it needed to.

In other news, I made the mistake of weighing myself today and am back to where I was when I started losing in September. I'm considering spiraling into a nice little depression over it, but am so far keeping the faith and trying to get myself excited about the concept of eating salad for lunch and then walking home from work. Mmmmmm... lettuce!

Tags: action, boots, film, fitter happier more productive, mask
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