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Festival Films 10-15

Well, Monday got off to a bad start with Jesus, the Spirit of God, the Iranian-made Muslim telling of the Jesus story. The writing, acting, and direction were weak even by amateur church play standards and the subtitling would drop out for whole scenes. I gave it an hour and then realized I'd rather be sitting in a bar with a beer and a cheeseburger.

Things turned around quite nicely though with a quirky American Indie called Lovely By Surprise. Carrie Preston starred as a struggling writer trying to make sense of both her novel and her past. There were great performances by Reg Rogers (unknown to me, but I'll be looking for more of him) and one of my all time favorite character actors Austin Pendleton. Of course, it certainly didn't hurt that the soundtrack was jam-packed with Magnetic Fields songs.

A Day for an Affair was a great South Korean comedy following two bored housewives each trying to cheat on their husbands with men they met on the internet and the inevitable wackiness that ensues. Great music in it too, ranging from groovy electronic organ tunes to full-on ska depending on the pace of the scene.

Tuesday, I saw Dharm, a no-nonsense Indian film about a fundamentalist Hindu priest who reluctantly ends up adopting an abandoned child without knowing the boy's caste or ancestry, risking his standing in the Brahmin community.

Next up was Darling, a Swedish film about a petulant, fashionable young woman who ends up having to work at McDonalds where she's befriended by a retired widower as a sort of surrogate daughter. That no doubt sounds hokey, but there's barely a trace of hoke or schmaltz in it. Very interesting film. (Also, McDonalds in Stockholm are using the exact same equipment I used when I worked for them in New Jersey over twenty years ago!)

Finishing out the night was the ultra-wacky, often hilarious Thai comedy The Sperm. Troubles begin for the city of Bangkok when a horny, young guitarist masturbates near the run-off from a mad scientist's lab, sending his mutated sperm flying around the city impregnating woman everywhere with fast-growing babies that look exactly like him. And things really just get more and more bizarre from there. As goofy sci-fi sex comedies go, this one gets high marks.

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