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the weekend

Saturday, I went to see Married Life, mainly just to see a film where Chris Cooper and Patricia Clarkson get to act center stage. It was an interesting enough story about a man considering killing his wife so that she won't be sad when he leaves her for another woman. It did fine when it was functioning as dark comedy, but when it got into more thriller-ish territory, the plot got a bit too neatly arranged for my tastes.

Then K. and I watched The Man Who Fell to Earth again, which will get its own post later.

On sunday, we blissfully had no family obligations, but did join some friends for a lovely Easter potluck. I cooked my signature Thanksgiving stuffing to go with their rotisserie chicken. One of the highlights was watching this bizarre Japanese game show called Unbeatable Banzuke where people have to maneuver through insanely devious obstacle courses on vehicles like unicycles and pogo sticks. We might have to get cable just so I can watch that again.

I also tried making cupcakes again. This time the cakes (basic yellow cake from scratch) were fine, but the icing was bothersome and insisted on remaining in a liquid state, so I wasn't able to bring them to dinner. Fortunately, after a few hours of refrigeration, it solidified considerably. It was a chocolate buttercream recipe that was way too complicated for my level of interest. I should have just mixed butter, sugar, and melted chocolate together, but instead I was struggling to make simple syrups and cooking bowls of egg in pans of water and all sorts of nonsense. Still, no complaints from my co-workers who are delighted to eat my failures.

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