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Wow, Doomsday was pretty bad. It's basically an unfunny, more violent episode of "Stargate: SG1" with a really obvious thirty-minute car commercial tacked on to the end. Why did people become cannibals when they had all those cows wandering around? I get that these kids in 2032 are somehow listening to Fine Young Cannibals because hey! they're cannibals, but why are they listening to Frankie Goes to Hollywood? The music and punk rock fashion could have made sense if the plague struck in the early 80s, but then they couldn't have justified their commercial for a 2008 car. Neil Marshall, you have failed me.

Fortunately, my friend Jim's band, Dr. Ketchup, were awesome. Jazz-inflected instrumental funk. Think Curtis Mayfield meets Medeski Martin and Wood. Very fun.

Tags: fantassy fridays, film, music

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