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wayback wednesday: "She's a woman who understands, she's a woman who loves her man..."

Since I have a deep obsession with the Beatles and at least a passing interest in American Idol (especially when there's nothing else on), I had to watch them singing songs from the Lennon/McCartney catalog last night. The best was definitely Chikezie Eze (great name) singing McCartney's Little Richard homage "She's a Woman." I would totally listen to that performance again on my ipod. Less interesting, but still quite good was Carly Smithson singing Lennon's "Come Together." Other than those two, the song choices and performances were (at best) safe and predictable. I wish the country girl had just done "Rocky Raccoon" instead of that line-dancing version of "Eight Days A Week."

Tags: music, stockings, television, wayback wednesdays

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